The Urmanczy bath has a rich past. Two post cards witnessed the beauty of the place. From the beginning of the 19th century there were two baths in the city, one on the left side of the Mures river called the Banffy, up in the forest on a higher plateau, and the other on the right side called Urmanczy. In 1870 the Urmanczy family bought this property from the Lazar family. A cozy park with promenades was the link between the bath and the family castle A great carved porch made of wood was the entrance to the bath by 1835. Inside there were two separate pools for women and men surrounded by several cabins. After the 1932 flood the resort was rebuilt with the actual olympic size pool.

 In 1948 the bath was nationalized. The former Urmanczy bath got a new name The Youth Lido, but in spite of all communist efforts it was not embedded to the common language.  In 1964 the wooden buildings were replaced with a concrete building nearly as it stands today. The pools were modernized too. On wintertime the small pool was covered. In 1970 the park was destroyed and in its place the blocks of flats and the few houses were built.

In the spring of 2008 the Romanian State gave back the resort to the Urmanczy inheritors in a very bad shape. It was rebuilt and in the summer of the same year was opened to the public.