The Urmanczy Baths have thermal waters with 26 to 27 °C (79 to 81 °F) hot springs. It is located in the middle of a small Transylvanian town of Topliţa (Maroshévíz). The Baths are in the centre of the city near the railway-station, surrounded by high mountains. The main attraction is the Olympic size (50 by 20 m, 164 by 65 feet) swimming pool, the biggest in the region. A real rarity is the smaller 1.4 m (4.6 feet) deep leisure pool, fed by small natural springs that gently heat the pebbles on the bottom of the pool. Due to its high carbon dioxide content bubbles rise up like in a glass of champagne, tickling one’s skin. There is also a little crescent shaped pool for the babies and a larger and deeper one for the 3 years or older kids. The little ones can also play on our swings, the seesaw or in the sandy box on the playground.

There is also a beer garden where you can drink not only draft beers but also ice-cold frappés. You can enjoy hot food from our charcoal grill, such as the locally made meat rolls called mititei.

Our continually circulating thermal water is rich calcium, magnesium and hydrogen-carbonate. It is highly recommended for those who are suffering of heart disease or circulatory problems because the temperature of the water will not raise the blood pressure.

The nearby Caliman and Gurghiul mountains offer hikers wonder opportunities to explore. Famous sites can be visited such as Borsec resort with mineral sparkling water springs (28km), the renaissance castle from Lăzarea, Gheorgheni (36 km), Lacu Roşu (62 km), Praid’s salt mine (79 km), Sovata’s salt lake (89 km), the place of pilgrimage Şumuleu (92 km), Tuşnad resort (115 km), St-Ana lake (124 km), Reghin (69 km) and the baroque castles of Gorneşti, Periş and Târgu Mureş (101 km).